This past weekend, I spent time away with the girls hiking fog-covered mountains, sipping sweet craft brews + enjoying the fresh outdoor air encompassing all that is Colorado. This state is one I frequent every year over the holidays, but making a visit sans the snow was a real treat. So, today i’m here to share in snapshots {and words!} a few highlights of my adventures in Denver, Boulder + Fort Collins…


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6 steps to a summer ready home

Alas the warmers days that seemed so infinitely far away are now upon us. While stocking my wardrobe full of swimsuits, skirts + sandals is top of mind, so is filling my home with festive summer decor. In light of this, I’m here today to share six easy ways to capture the brightness of the season right in your own home. [Read more…]

on my radar

This spring has been moving at record speed {May already?} In light of what seems like a constant flow of events, meetings + upcoming adventures, I’m dedicating today’s post to a smaller string of things that have been recently on my radar. You know, those random tidbits that make it onto the note’s section of your iPhone, but never really live beyond that? Well, I’m here to give them new life in hope that they strike a chord of motivation or inspiration in the busyness of your day.

In no particular order they are…

  • Keeping these in mind for some upcoming visits i’m planning: The 10 Fittest Cities for Millennials
  • One more product to add to my recent summer beauty essentials post
  • I’ve been on a podcast kick + these two (1/2) have been my favorites as of late
  • Speaking of podcasts, on a recent listen Chris Socca shared this app which I can’t wait to start utilizing
  • Is it just me or did denim shorts suddenly become outrageously expensive? Luckily I recently stopped in this store + found great options for under $20
  • An insightful career site filled with articles that always seem to be “spot-on”
  • Just in time for summer BBQs, uber cute serveware c/o design love fest {a favorite blog of mine!} for Target
  • Best {meal} for last… pouring through this article on the best brunches in America

Have a great week + happy May!


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6 beauty products I love for summer

I’ve never considered myself much of a beauty junkie, but as i’ve aged {my mom would laugh at me for saying this} I can visibility notice a difference in my hair + skin after investing in a few high quality products. Over the last few months, i’m made an effort to pour through beauty blogs, and make visits to my local cosmetics counters, to assemble what I would consider to be a blog-worthy beauty arsenal. So, in an effort to save you some of the dirty work, i’m here today to share my stash: [Read more…]


This week, there seemed to be a bit of a rain cloud following me around, with each day presenting its new set of obstacles. So, when the weekend brought sunny skies, 70 degree temps + the much anticipated “patio-weather,” it was just the motivation I needed to tackle the challenges the week had presented {+ prep for some upcoming trips ahead!}

In the coming month, I have a girls trip to Denver, Derby plans and a college reunion in the books. Spring finally feels here + I’ve already begun stocking up on fun summer purchases {including these festival-friendly sunnies}. I’m excited to share these with you in the upcoming weeks.

Here’s to a new week filled with fresh starts, new opportunities and more al fresco dining to come.

{a snakeskin steal from Old Navy – also coveting this Chloé look-alike bag}

{the perfect afternoon treat c/o a favorite local bakery}

{reminiscing about our recent trip + this residence deemed ‘the Sarah house’} [Read more…]

blogs I love

I feel fortunate to work in a creative field that challenges me to concept new + innovative ideas everyday. Therefore, i’m constantly looking for sources of inspiration to keep my ideas fresh, relevant + fun. Blogs are a really great way to do this + I have my list of favorites that I check-in on almost daily. Today i’m here to share these with you in an effort to inspire a little creativity in your day. Categoriezed by focus, they are:


High End Fashion

Everyday Fashion

Style + Design


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five in April

I’m back today with another installment of my “five in…” series. I still can’t believe it’s already April. As I was designing the post, I asked a friend what color the month reminded her of. “Purple” was her response, and incredibly appropriate at that.

Gloomy skies and cold temps have seemed to plague our weather forecast. I’m not sure if it’s my recent taste of warmer weather, or all the bright spring apparel filling the stores, but i’m so very much ready for the warmer days ahead.

As we head into this month, I’ve highlighted a few things i’m am excited about, included a new brand collaboration, a beauty must-try and a trip out to the west coast.


Five in April

ONE// TWO// THREE// FOUR (on clearance!)// FIVE

nashville + memphis

Without further ado, I’m here to share the rest of my travels on my recent road trip. First up, Nashville.

When we originally sat down to plan the drive to New Orleans, Nashville came in at almost exactly the halfway point-perfect! A stop here was just what we needed to reset before the second half of the drive. [Read more…]


Happy {early} Easter! I’m writing to you from the airport, waiting to board a flight back home for the holiday weekend.

After a week full of ups + downs, i’m ready to head home for a relaxing few days filled with brunch with friends, snuggle time with my pup, a family Easter gathering and lots of sweet treats {can’t stop eating these!}

Before I take flight, I did want to leave you with a link to my recent feature on my company blog, and well wishes for a weekend filled with sunshine + plenty of R&R. I’ll be back next week with part II of my trip recap. Until then, enjoy this Easter inspiration…

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quick update

The past day has been quite the whirlwind. If you stopped by in the last 24 hours, you may have been greeted with a nice little “this site is not available” message. I definitely apologize! After having a few moments of panic {tears may have been involved, too}, I was able to work with my provider to finally get it back up and running.

As trivial as it may seem, losing a site + all the content that comes with it, really puts this endeavor in perspective. Curating content + sharing bits and pieces of my life with you has been a really worthwhile experience + one I don’t want slipping away anytime soon. Thank you for giving me the motivation/opportunity to keep doing what I love + I look forward to sharing plenty more posts to come.

That being said, I did want to take a second to provide a prayful thought for all those in Brussels. My day-to-day mishaps are nothing in the face of this great tragedy. Today, I count my blessings and put in hopeful thoughts for all those affected.


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