Sunday ‘Yum-Day’

My Sundays are typically filled with tying up loose-ends from the week. While I love getting caught-up on items, I can’t say that laundry, grocery shopping, and cleaning my room are the most exhilarating of tasks. Therefore, a stop at “Points East Pub” followed by a night of baking and watching the game were a welcome change to my normal routine.

“Points East” is a local pub that is famous for their wings. So much so, they were recently added to a list of the “Best Wing Joints in the Country” (call it lucky, or dangerous that it is just a couple-block walk from my house). Upon first glance, you would never guess that this modest eatery boasts such high honors. With a dozen or so tables, the atmosphere is very laid-back and “sports” oriented, with TVs lining every wall.

My boyfriend and I ordered the wings (obviously), a plate of garlic fries, and a pitcher of local beer to wash it all down. The cook himself hand-delivered the food, which I thought enhanced the whole experience! The fries were loaded with garlic and therefore extremely flavorful, and the wings were padded in a special dry rub. Let me tell you, we were not disappointed and left with very full bellies!

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

Moving forward, I’m hoping to make Sunday Yum-days more of a weekly tradition and something to look forward to as the weekend draws to a close.

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