Navigating Craigslist

I am someone who loves a well-decorated space. As a little one, I can remember going through my basement looking for knickknacks to elevate the look of my bedroom. Overtime, I have skillfully learned how to recycle items I already have, or find pieces inexpensively to update a space.

As of late, Craigslist has been my best asset when it comes to redecorating on a budget. Many hours I have spent pouring through pages filled with antique steamer trunks, rustic chairs, and even sleek home appliances. Despite my love for this site, I can understand the apprehension many people have for it (did someone say Craigslist killer?).  Below are a few tried and true tips I have compiled to successfully navigate the site.

  1. Gallery View– The listing themselves can be confusing or even misleading. Scroll through the ads and get a snapshot view of what is being sold.
  2. ‘Free’ Category- Feeling crafty? The “free category” has loads of items that would be perfect for a refurbishing project. In addition, many of the items are still working great, but the owner doesn’t want to deal with the effort of disposing of the items or transporting them elsewhere. And, who doesn’t love free stuff?
  3. Search by Brand–  Have a brand you love? Put it in the search bar, and narrow down your navigation to great items by favorite designers at only a fraction of the cost (hello, Pottery Barn).
  4. Negotiate- The best feature about Craigslist is that the sellers are people just like you. Oftentimes an owner is simply looking to quickly get an item off their hands. Feel free to request a lower price than what is being asked (still keeping it appropriate). I have had my fair share of success with this.
  5. Safety- So you’ve made the commitment to buy. I recommend negotiating a “neutral” meeting spot with your seller in a public space or bringing along a friend. You can never put into play too many precautions when it comes to meeting up with a stranger.
  6. Persistence is Key– Have an item on your mind? I once spent six months on Craigslist looking for the perfect headboard before settling on the piece below. Continue to check back on your search weekly, daily, and evenly hourly as new pieces are constantly being added every minute.

IMG_1572 IMG_1571

Happy shopping! 🙂

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