Conquering Stress

Do you ever have those days where everything happens at once, nothing works out as it should, or a seemingly easy task has turned into a huge overhaul overnight? I’ve been right there with you, and can speak first hand to these experiences which all lead to stress. While it can be easy to let this pressure completely take over, the consequences of this are never good.

With the Holidays approaching and deadlines piling up, I thought this would be an opportune moment to detail how I deal with life’s more chaotic moments. These are listed out below:

  1. Jam Out- I listen to this site when I need some tunes to calm me down. I’ve shared it with my co-workers and have gotten stellar reviews.
  2. Phone a Friend– This particularly pairs well with my long commute. On some of my craziest days, a chat with my best friend is all I need to turn my mood around.
  3. Work it Out- Did I mention I did yoga? Even if this isn’t your exercise of choice, there’s nothing a good sweat can’t fix. Better yet, the more stressed I am, the harder I work out!
  4. Let it Burn– I’ve switched topics to candles (although the prior would fit well in this category). There’s nothing like a dim room with aromatic candles to ease the mind. Just add soft music and a comfy mat, and you’ve got yourself a nice little mediation session.
  5. Must. Love. Dogs.– Regardless of the pet, it’s hard not to smile when you take a few minutes to play around with an adorable furry friend. Don’t have one? Visit your local animal shelter. I myself frequent the place and always leave relaxed, happy, and refreshed.
  6. Splish Splash– …she was taking a bath. Pour yourself a warm soothing bath, piled high with bubbles (the more the better!). Fifteen minutes in one of these and I’m at ease for the rest of my day.
  7. That’s Amore!– What do you love to do? For me I could spend hours on Pinterest, or redecorating a room. After a long day, there is nothing better than turning to a hobby you love to remediate a sour day.
  8. Take a Hike!– But seriously, get yourself outdoors! Whether it’s a long walk, or just taking a few minutes to get some fresh air, getting yourself outside will not only physically remove you from the stress source, but mentally as well.

Have a relaxing weekend, everyone! 🙂

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    Musings of a Suburban Mama

    Great advice! Perfect for holiday stress!

    kristin koller

    your more than welcome to redecorate my room!