Gift Guide: For the Fellas

Every year without fail when I ask my dad, brother, or boyfriend what they want for Christmas, they respond with – the dreaded- “I don’t know.” Therefore, to no surprise, I consider the men in my life the hardest people to buy presents for. In light of this, I have gathered a couple items below, some of which I’ve had success with gifting, and others which I think are strong prospects for the 2014 Holiday season, in hopes that I may make your gift-buying slightly more inspired for the males in your life.
Gift Guide: For the Fellas
1. Fleece– My most successful gift to date! My bf lives in this comfy-cozy zip-up.
2. Leather Flask– A suave way to enjoy a libation in any location.
3. Beer Making Kit– What could be more fun than drinking beer? Making it of course!
4. Fleece Lined Moose Loafers– The ultimate comfort shoe.
5. Classic Briefcase– An effortlessly fashionable piece for the working men in your life
6. Nook– The perfect pick for a book worm.
7. Remote Car Starter– Because who said winter commuting had to be so unpleasant.
8. Shave Club Membership– The gift that keeps on giving… new razor after new razor each month.
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    These are such amazing ideas!! Love your post <3