Battle of the Brands: Blushes

As a lover of luxury beauty items, I constantly battle with justifying the bill that accompanies these costly cosmetics. Therefore, I will be starting a new series called “Battle of the Brands.” Throughout these posts, I will compare a high-end beauty product with it’s cheaper counter part and ultimately determine if that hefty price tag is worth it.


Blush Review


Price: $30
Pros: great pigment, long lasting, flattering for many skin tones
Cons: price, shimmer


Price: $3
Pros: duo palette, creates bronzed glow, inexpensive
Cons: short-lived, requires several applications, coloring


photo 2

e.l.f on the left / NARS on the right

And the Winner is…

(click here)

I chose this product as the winner because it overall provides the most lasting application, in a natural color. The price-point is definitely higher, but the quality is recognizable and reflected in the overall rosy glow it provides. I wouldn’t entirely opt out of its cheaper counterpart however, when the summer months set-in and I’m looking for a more bronzed completion. However, for every-day wear, NARS steps away from this battle as an all-around product favorite.

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    Great battle 🙂 I think there are a lot of good bargain blushes out there, but while ELF gets a lot of hype in comparison to Nars, I really don’t think ELF is one of those good bargain blushes. Plus NARS has a much better pigmentation… it will last you at LEAST 3x as long as ELF (you really have to pile the ELF on to get some good color… and even still reapply often throughout the day as it fades fast).