Weekday Warm-up

This has been one rough weather week so far. Every new day has introduced freezing subzero temps with windchills that plunge even further down the thermometer. It is Wednesday and I someone have made it through some cold commutes, with much complaining along the way. I know I can’t be alone in my weather woes, so, in the interest of optimism, I have compiled a list of things that will get you thinking warmer thoughts.

Enjoy & Stay Warm my Friends!

  1. Because I basically live in Antarctica, so why not dress like it. ->  http://bit.ly/1twEMJJ
  2. This song will get your toes tapping, hands jiving, blood pumping, etc, etc… ->  http://bit.ly/1BFYtjS
  3. You did it! Congratulations! World’s Best Cup of Hot Chocolate! {recipe} ->  http://bit.ly/1xPexlT
  4. I swear this must be a gift from the weather gods -> http://bit.ly/1wlv0Ix
  5. Baby animals. Enough said -> http://bzfd.it/1tN1Nef
  6. He has a point. -> http://bit.ly/1AqFuKv
  7. Because sometimes it just comes down to people that can make you feel warm inside-> http://bzfd.it/1FiGSEw
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