Nail Polish Review

I consider nail polish a staple in my beauty regime. I am constantly working to keep my nails looking professional for the office,  and thus am always looking for a quality tube of lacquer that I can reach for again and again. Below are two products that I put to the test.
Nail Polish Review


Price: $19
Pros: crimson tone, subtle shimmer, consistency, effective brush
Cons: price, durability


Price: $3.19
Pros: shine, value, brightness
Cons: thick, chips easily, application


Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 8.26.01 PM

And the Winner is…

(click here)

This product stepped away as the winner primarily due to the ease of application and color. Since I am constantly polishing my nails, I always look to a lacquer that goes on easy, and thus doesn’t leave much room for error. The consistency of the product was thin enough that when applied to the brush, polished with a fluid, quick stroke. It’s cheaper counterpart failed this test due to how thick the substance was, in addition to it’s wide brush. In terms of color, the luxury product has a deep enough undertone to make it perfect for the winter months. Overall, I was disappointed in how short-lasting both products were (I had to repaint each after a few days), but if given the option to do touch-ups, I would pick Deborah Lippmann every time.

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    i love this review/comparison! xx
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    Alice Young

    So glad the Girl on Fire won, it’s so pretty!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    Kat Tanita

    The Deborah Lippman shade is such a beautiful red!

    x Kat


    i like the first one sweety! 😉
    Kiss from Italy
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