The Best of Netflix: Documentaries

Usually, I am opposed to propping myself in front of the TV for extended periods of time. However, my only exception to that rule is… winter. The moment it becomes too cold outside to do anything fun, I take on sort of a “nesting” mentality and justify hours spent glued to the tube.

Recently, in a slight effort to make this winter habit somewhat “better,” I challenged myself to watch only documentaries whenever the desire to watch a movie would arise. I found myself loving every documentary I chose, watching flicks that were both relate-able and worlds away from me.

Below I’ve outlined a few favorites I found on Netflix that I would recommend:

The Best of Netflix: Documentaries

1. Desert Runners–  The story of a group of non-pro runners trying to complete the most difficult ultra-marathon series on the planet, taking them through scorching African deserts and the frozen continent of Antarctica.

2. Maidentrip– In this documentary, a courageous 14-year-old girl navigates a 2-year solo sailing trip around the globe, in an effort to become the youngest person to complete this feat.

3. It’s a Girl A film exposing the heartbreaking issue of gendercide in India and China.

4. Gideon’s Army– This details the journey of 3 determined Public Defenders working under trying conditions (long hours, dangerous cases, meager pay) all to defend outcasts and those looked down upon by society.

5. Tiny: A Story About Living Small An eye-opening journey revealing the trend of “living small” (100-300 sq.ft houses) happening around the US, and a young couple attempting to pursue this dream.

6. The Dark Matter of Love– This follows a family on their road to the adoption of 3 children from Russia, analyzing how their years without parents will impact the new life – and love- ahead of them.

7. Happy– What makes someone inherently happy? This film goes around the globe interviewing people of diverse backgrounds in search of this answer. The results will surprise you.

8. Jiro Dreams of Sushi The story of an 85 year-old Tokyo sushi master and his detailed account of what dedication it takes to be the best in your field and leave a legacy behind for years to come.

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    ohh I love Tiny!! I have a major crush with the idea of living simply! Love your blog by the way.