Lip Looks

Lipstick is one of those funny things. I swore I would never wear it, but it slowly but surely has made its way into my beauty regiment. My aversion somewhat simmered when I came to the conclusion that with one or two swipes, an otherwise “lazy look” could become instantly polished {Let’s be honest, I’m all about shortcuts when it comes to getting ready in the morning.}

Since this realization, I have become more comfortable playing around with different colors, which I essentially chose based on my outfit, the season, or sometime by accident {bringing home the wrong shade has happened more than once!}. Below are a few different looks, as well as some inspiration shots {note how I couldn’t keep a serious selfie going with each pic 😉 }.

Lip Looks

Other Inspiration:
Inspiration Look 1
Inspiration Look 2
Inspiration Look 3
Image Sources: here, here, and here
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    LOL I tried avoiding it myself but somehow I’ve grown to like it 🙂 I esp love that Black Cherry color on you!