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Every once and a while, I need a little detox in my life. The Blue Print Cleanse is my go-to during these occasions. Treating my body to nothing but raw, healthy, and organic nutrients for a whole day is just what I need to get back on the healthy-track.

The Blue Print Cleanse is set-up to provide 6 organic juices to drink over the course of a day {or more, based on your preference}. I pick-up pre-made packs at my local Whole Foods, but these can be shipped out fresh from their NY office. These drinks are filling. After drinking the recommended glass of water in between each one, I find it hard to finish them all in the course of a day. They are also surprisingly delicious, which definitely makes the whole experience more pleasant.

For those unfamiliar with the cleanse, I’ve provided a breakdown of my day below:

Blue Print Cleanse

{the crew}

Blue Print Cleanse

{breakfast- green juice}

Blue Print Cleanse

{mid-morning- pineapple apple mint}


{lunch- more green juice…}

Blue Print Cleanse

{mid-afternoon- spicy lemonade}

Blue Print Cleanse

{happy hour- apple carrot beet ginger lemon}

Blue Print Cleanse

{dinner/dessert- cashew milk- the best!}

Blue Print Cleanse

{and then there was none!}
There are many reasons one may choose to cleanse. Top of my list is simply to add some healthy fuel back into my system, which in turn gives me more energy to conquer the day.

I’d love to know, what are your go-to methods to kick your health back into gear?

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    Wow, it def looks filling 🙂 I’ve been looking for something like this, I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for sharing!


      Kaily, It’s the best one i’ve tried so far!


        Yay 🙂 Now I’m super excited, haha 🙂


    Oh so lovely beautiful! So happy I stopped by today, thanks for sharing! Wishing you a happy weekend! Xo.
    Evolution of Glam