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Inspired by an upcoming trip {and the Victoria’s Secret Swimsuit Show happening tomorrow!} I couldn’t resist the opportunity to post about a summer staple- swimwear!

Bikini’s are one of those items that I could spend infinite funds on {despite their day-to-day impracticality in my current life}. Every year around this time, the trendiest beachwear of the season are released. This year, some of the suit trends I’m loving are: scalloped details, neon brights (per triangl brand), and ruched bottoms.

Using these as my muse, i’ve compiled a Pinterest board here with a few bathing-suit beauties I can’t wait to pull out in {wishful thinking} the near future.

image: 1/2/3

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    Bri DePauw (@ATGlittered)

    Okay, I am obsessed with that white ruffle suit!! I need it!


      Thanks, Bri! Isn’t it the cutest?