chocolate is salad…


Do you ever have one of those weeks where you start each day swearing you are going to eat healthier, yet by lunchtime you are already reaching for that second cookie or one more doughnut the coworker brought in?

Welcome to my life lately. With many recent trips and holidays happening over the last few days, I have continued to make an “exception” for literally everything when it comes to my health. Rather than freak out or over compensate over my recent {extra} indulgences, I’m hoping to take a more level-headed approach to get back on track. Like signing up for some Barre Code classes with a friend, registering for a run, or just squeezing in an extra walk each day. {Take a look at some other ways I stay on track here, here or here.}

Oh, and if chocolate was really considered a salad,  I would officially be the healthiest person ever…






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