I’ve always considered myself a morning person {early bird gets the worm, right?}. And while I do think I function relatively well in these early am hours, there are certainly a few things I do to ensure I am alert and ready for the rest of the day as well. So today, i’ve teamed up with Wayfair to give you a quick recap of my mornings.

6:30 am: Wake-up. Coffee. To save some time, I use my Keurig which is essential the most foul-proof way to guarantee a great cup of coffee every morning. I tend to reach for flavored coffees to avoid using creamers, and I’m currently loving this butter toffee rendition, a la K-cup. Seriously, heaven. in. a. cup.

6:40 am: Relax + be inspired. Since my job requires creativity, I like to kick off my morning accordingly. I’ll sit and browse Pinterest and my favorite blogs, while munching on a snack + sipping my coffee. I’ve also recently started subscribing to The Skimm, to get a snapshot view of what’s newsworthy for that day. Of course, before all of this, I take a seat in my favorite chair {this beauty will be my next purchase} and ensure i’m hunkered down in the comfiest PJ pants and wrapped in the softest blanket. Cozy is key.

7:00 am: By now my caffeine {+ motivation} has hopefully kicked in. I throw on my sweats {no judgement in the morning, right?} and my tennies. I prefer getting in a jog in the morning, because I like to keep my evenings free for friends + fun. Even if it’s just a 20 minute walk by the lake, I’ll take it.

7:25 am: Shower, make-up, clothes, etc. I usually keep this portion of the morning fairly short, sweet + without a lot of frills.

8:05 am: Grab “breakfast” for the car {a Larabar in ‘Cherry Pie’ is my go-to}, take a final swig of my coffee, and i’m out the door!

I’d love to know, what is your morning routine like? Also, i’m always looking for K-cup/ coffee recommendations, so send along your favorites!

**This post was in collaboration with Wayfair for their #CoffeeMyWay campaign. All opinions are my own.

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    I try to run in the morning but I’m admittedly not very committed to it. It’s such a great way to wake up though. I usually give myself 1.5 hrs before I have to be anywhere to drink coffee and read stuff online. It doesn’t make me any more organized though because I still rush to get dressed and do my make up


      I completely agree with you, it can be hard to stay motivated! But I do my best when time allows! Thanks for sharing 🙂