now trending…matcha


Have you jumped on the Matcha bandwagon yet? Recently, it seems this new health-food this has been trending everywhere {apparently it was all the rage at New York Fashion Week}. I’ll admit I was a skeptic, but I gave it a shot, and it was love at first sip + I’m here to share.

Matcha is essentially a powdered form of green tea with tons of health benefits. It has been around forever, but has recently gained popularity.  To sum up all its health benefits, read below:

(sources: 1/2/3)

Not convinced? Head to your nearest Starbucks + order a grande two scoop matcha hot (with milk) or chilled with water + ice. And of course, report back- I’d love to hear your thoughts {+ hopefully see you joining in on #matchamonday}!

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    I haven’t tried this yet, but all those benefits have me thinking I should!
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    I’ve seen this about but never tried it, Ill definitely give it a go, love green tea! x


      Diana- I do too + this drink is fabulous! 🙂