12 best moving tips

12 Best Moving Tips

As i’ve mentioned many times, i’m moving this weekend + I am completely determined to make this relocation easier than my last one, which was traumatic to say the least {more on that later}. Therefore lately, i’ve been searching Pinterest + the internet trying to scavenge together any tips or pointers that could help ease the transition. Today i’m here to bring you a condensed collection of the ones I found most helpful, in a effort to save you some of the heavy lifting {literally} when it comes to your move. So here goes:


  • Change your address {via USPS.com} about two weeks before your move, so mail starts arriving when you get to the new place. The same applies to cable/internet- call to get this set-up on Day 1 in the new place so you are wifi enabled from the start.

  • Bundle clothes on hangers with garbage bags which will make for easy unpacking.

  • Put tape in a large X on mirrors to absorb any shock during the move that would threaten to break the piece.

  • Cover drawers containing items with Press n’ Seal to keep everything intact

  • Pack a “weekend bag” containing cosmetics, toiletries + fresh changes of clothes to live out of the first few days post move {when items are still packed away or not accessible}.

  • The heavier an item, the smaller the box that should be used.

  • Hire reputable movers, even if they aren’t the most affordable. U-Haul offers moving helpers and provides an list of local options, their costs per hour {easy to get multiple quotes at once}, as well as reviews.

  • Color-code boxes by room or by owner {this colored tape works great}. This will indicate to movers where to place each box, or differentiate your things from your roommates.

  • Pack plates vertically, which makes them less inclined to break.

  • Pack the kitchen first- can be the most difficult room to box up due to the size and shapes of the items found here.

  • Handle valuables yourself- if it’s irreplaceable bring it with you in your car.

And last, but not least.

  • Finish the move with a bottle of champagne. When the movers come 7 hours late, mice get into the storage unit + the new landlord inadvertently tows your car, you will need this. Trust me. 🙂


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    SMD @ Life According to Steph

    I wouldn’t think to pack plates vertically! We might have a move next year and I’m dreading it in advance.


      Steph- I know- I was surprised by some of these tips too! Hopefully you can take some of these with you for your upcoming {potential} move 🙂

    Katie Elizabeth

    Good luck this weekend!! And seriously, why are movers always late?!?


      Thanks, Katie! And hopefully that’s not a trend that will continue this weekend. Fingers crossed!

    Julie Loveless

    I would add to that list to try not to throw a party until you’re moved in because you just won’t be ready for it the night of – I have friends who were more worried about the party than the move. Good luck with your move!!

    Stopping by from Stuff -n- Things!


      Great tip 😉 And luckily i’m not planning on that! Thanks for visiting, Julie!

    Rebecca Jo (@RebeccaJoKnits)

    The bubbly is a fantastic idea! The idea of moving just gives me anxiety thinking of it!


      Right there with you, Rebecca!