the happiest hour

Today, I want to introduce a new series highlighting all the components of the week I am feeling especially grateful for. Food, fashion or just general positive feelings, there’s good in every day + i’m here to give that some recognition.


So, without further ado, here are some things I enjoyed this week:


– Sweater weather: It’s the coziest time of year! Call me over-eager, but i’ve already made a few purchases this week {here , here + here}.
Austin City Limits: I just booked my ticket to Austin to enjoy 3 days of this festival with a few friends in October. I’ve never been to Texas + so i’m excited to experience all it has to offer. Texas forever.
– Fall decorating: If you didn’t catch my post earlier this week, you’ll know that transitioning over my decor for the season has been top of mind. I’ve had these pumpkin candles going all week + just ordered these furry pillows which I can’t wait to receive. Pictures to come!
– Locals Eats: My local grocery store has been teeming with fresh fall produce as of late.  I’m looking to make this salted caramel apple-bar recipe with some sweet honey-crisp apples in the coming weeks.
– Early Bird Gets the Worm: I’ve woken up to the craziest pink + orange soaked sunrises every day this week. I’ve been posting some of the better ones here, so tune-in to see all the action.


Have a great weekend!
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