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As promised, I’m here to kick-off the week by sharing with you some shots of my trip to Austin {better late than never!} If I could describe this city in one word, it would be: vibrant. The people, restaurants, scenery + shops were all filled with culture, character + energy. Besides attending the festival, some of my favorite activities included shopping on Congress Street {stopping at this famous mural}, dining on delicious food truck cuisine + enjoying the nightlife at this local hot spot.

Although it was sweltering during our entire stay, we mostly traveled the city by foot, which I would highly recommend. We found character in every corner of Austin, via a brightly painted home, a quirky coffee shop, or elaborate mural in the most unassuming nooks + crannies of the city. It certainly felt like a destination away from the comfort of the Midwest, which was all the more wonderful.

I definitely hope to make a visit again soon, but until then I will live vicariously through these memories captured in photos. Enjoy!

{Austin City Limits entrance}

{nothing but sunny skies}

{festival gals}

{because every girl loves a good quote: similar via}

{white sangria margarita: recipe here}

{having a moment at this famous Austin stop}

{some good tunes at sunset}

{scenes from a favorite shop on Congress St.}

{wish you were here}


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