Happy Tuesday!

These past few days have been a bit of a whirlwind: celebrating Halloween, having my mom in town, commemorating friends birthdays + more. It certainly helps to have all of this gorgeous fall weather to enjoy these occasions in. Cool, crisp + sunny- perfect running weather in my book 😉

Despite it only being early November, I have already taken a stab at my xmas shopping list + have even began to roll out the holiday decorations. This is my favorite time of year + I can only image more good that is to come in the next few weeks. I’ve got a few holiday themed posts in mind, so stay tuned for these!

Until then, here are a few snaps of my past few days. Have a great week!


{New fall decor c/o these vintage beer bottles}

{A gourmet dinner -and my first spiralizer experience- prepared by a talented friend}

{Launch party for the opening of our local Nordstrom}

{Night neon at a favorite watering hole}

{Cosmos with co-workers- much needed on a Friday!}

{Reliving my glory days by watching Gracie Gold take on Skate America}

{Final trip of the season to the farmer’s market}

{Beignets + warm melted chocolate for breakfast w/ mom = nothing better}

{lake side views on a final outdoor run for the season}

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