my 5 favorite gifts

Every year, I spend weeks, sometimes months planning out the perfect present for the special people in my life. The challenge of finding a meaningful + lasting gift is one that I don’t take lightly.  As I wrap up this year’s gifting, I can’t help but reflect on my own favorite items given to me throughout the past few years. Many of these are inexpensive + fairly straight-forward in nature, but have held their weight in everyday value since departing their shiny holiday packaging.


ONE//hand-made print

A very crafty friend gifted me a hand-drawn quote, embellished with a floral matte + fun frame. It hangs in my entryway + besides just looking fabulous, I am constantly reminded of our friendship everytime I see it. For those, like me, who would struggle with attempting such a creative feat, Etsy has some great pre-made options {circa here}.



TWO//travel duffle

I am quite the jet-setter, so, during my early college years, I was given this bright duffle that I still bring on every trip I take to this day. The bag is spacious, perfect for overhead compartments or quick weekend road-trips + the loud pattern definitely makes it fun to tote around.

THREE//statement purse

I’ll never forget receiving my first coach purse– it was the first item of value I truly owned, complete with quality leather + sleek protective packaging. While years have passed since that day, this leather accessory has definitley passed the test of time. I can’t help but imagine this staple, pairable with almost any outfit or outing, will be around for years to come.

FOUR//monogrammed cosmetics case

It’s hard to beat a personalized gift. Find one that’s practical? Even better. Over the years, I’ve curated a respectable collection of cosmetics + since i’m on the go so frequently, I like to package them in a case that’s just as reputable. These seasonal options are fun + can be tailored to the preferences of the recipient {my personal favorite is the herringbone print.}


FIVE//high-quality lotions

While I love to pamper myself, I find it hard to invest in quality {usually expensive} products. My godmother sent me a set of these lotions for Christmas one year + I instantly became hooked. It was such a treat to spoil myself with soft, fragrant hands, especially after a long day in the office.



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