2016 is here. Maybe i’m a little late on the celebration train, but it has definitely taken me some time to finally get in a routine after the holidays + accept the fact that a new year is upon us! I’m not one particularly fond of setting resolutions, but after a year of incredible change, there are certainly a few personal goals I have set to honor the new opportunities in front of me.

For starters, I recently joined a new yoga studio in an attempt to bring a little more “namaste” {and cardio} back into my daily routine. From a running nut like me, this is quite a change of pace {literally} but is my attempt at giving my muscles a break by treating myself to a little yogi-love. Next, and most importantly, I am dedicated to bringing a little more gratitude into the new year.  Inspired by a friend, I have started a “gratitude jar,” in the hopes of filling it day-by-day with little slips of paper speaking to the small acts of friendship, generosity, care, ect. that I stumbled into in a day. To say the least, i’m already looking forward to unfolding 365 days worth of happy little happenings come NYE next year.

These are just my attempts at making 2016 a year full of health, happiness + fun. To set the tone for the year ahead, i’m leaving you with a collecting of items inspiring me to start the year out strong. What on your agenda to make this the best year yet?




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