hello, february

Remember the excitement that came with grade-school Valentine’s Day parties? Stuffing cards + candy into hand-decorated shoe-boxes {saving “the very best” cards for close friends or a crush}, frosting heart-shaped sugar cookies piled high with pink + red sprinkles or biting into mouthfuls of decadent Little Debbie valentine’s edition zebra cakes without a care in the world about calories?

The good old days. But who’s to say the excitement has to stop at age 8? As we kick-off a new month, i’m committed to bringing back this same sweet contentment in my life. Whether that’s treating myself to a Starbucks cake-pop over lunch, or a fun cocktail with a friend {I may or may not be listening to Beyonce + eating handfuls of caramel popcorn as I write this 😉 }, here’s to a month filled with celebrating the small things in life. Hello, February.

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