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My weekend in New Orleans was definitely a trip for the books. Everything from the food we ate, the music we listened to, the streets we strolled + more couldn’t have been more authentic to the city we were in. Between getting our fill of fresh creole cuisine and enjoying 70 degree temps, I found myself saying aloud numerous time I want to live here.

The trip kicked-off with a 16 hour car ride, broken-up with a stop in Nashville on the way there, and Memphis on the return {separate post to come on these}. A cross country drive brought me some initial hesitation, especially considering we were driving into what was predicted to be severe weather {never happened, thankfully!} Instead of torrential rain + turmoil, we were greeted by rolling hills, white-picket fences + everything I dreamed the south to be. Paired with a few “Now That’s What I Call Music” CD’s, the drive wasn’t all that bad.

Since we did SO much, below i’ve broken down a day-by-day account of our stay. I will caveat that I did a lot of research + recommendation collecting before our visit. It certainly paid off because I essentially loved everything we did. So here goes…

DAY 1-

DAY 2-

DAY 3-

  • Started the day with some shrimp + grits at a small cafe off of Decanter Street
  • Trekked an hour outside the city for a tour {complete with mint julips} of the completely gorgeous Oak Alley Plantation
  • Walked our local neighborhood, taking-in the colorful houses + stopping for a daiquiri to-go
  • Finished the afternoon with al fresco dining at Bacchanal; a build-your-own cheese + charcuterie spot complete with great live jazz in a backyard setting- another favorite stop!



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