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Without further ado, I’m here to share the rest of my travels on my recent road trip. First up, Nashville.

When we originally sat down to plan the drive to New Orleans, Nashville came in at almost exactly the halfway point-perfect! A stop here was just what we needed to reset before the second half of the drive.

We rolled into the city just before dinner, with stomachs perfectly ready to consume as much BBQ as we could fit in our bellies. Jack’s was an easy choice, centrally located on Broadway Street and the perfect place to sample brisket, cornbread, sweet tea, coleslaw & more. All fuel to experience the Nashville nightlife, of course. From here we stuck around the block listening to live music at Honky Tonk + {the famous} Tootsies. Every floor of each bar featured a different set of performers, each more talented than the next. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t polish of a few of the good ole’ dance moves that night {along with the rest of the crowd.} Definitely a city worth a visit, whether for a quick stop like us or for a long weekend.

Fast forward a few days and we were making our trek home after a few days in New Orleans. I should caveat that committing to a 16 hour drive in one days’ timing isn’t recommended, but a challenged we had to accept due to our work schedules. Planning a stopping point to look forward to was therefore essential + Memphis fit the tab.

My knowledge of Memphis consisted of two things: this song + world famous BBQ. Luckily we were able to experience both. I put in some significant yelp research on “the best Memphis BBQ” and Central BBQ was repeatedly a front runner, known for it’s slow-smoked style. I ordered the ribs complete with the best seasoned mac n’ cheese, and it didn’t disappoint. The meat literally fell off the bone as I slathered it in sauce {still getting chills thinking about it} + the side was every bit as satisfying. Certainly one of my favorite places I’ve eaten to date!

I wish I could say the rest of our time in Memphis was just as thrilling, but we ran into a few car troubles that kept as stationed in the city a bit longer than planned {all worked out fine in the end}. I will say I was surprised at how much the city reminded me of Milwaukee- both in size, skyline & water front location. Maybe this was a good way to ease us back home to reality? Either way, Memphis was another stop i’d recommend, especially when rolling through the city on the lunch or dinner hour.


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