best reads for summer 2016

This week has been a bit tough. These past few days have been filled with multiple doctor visits and lot of time in bed for a summer bug i’ve been battling. The silver lining to all of this? More time to finally dig into that summer reading list.

Summer is my favorite time to crack open a few novels. Whether by the beach, in the park or alongside the pool, I savor the few hours spent unplugged + invested in a well-written novel. Both through book clubs + friends, I rely highly on the recommendations of others for choosing my next title. Today, in an effort to save you some research of your own, i’m here to share a few of these.


Author//Stephanie Danler

Summary//A coming-of-age novel about a twenty-two year old getting a fast-track education on life working at one of New York’s most exclusive restaurants.


Book//Me Before You

Author//Jojo Moyes

Summary//An ordinary girl becomes a caregiver for a privileged young banker left paralyzed in a tragic accident. So begins an epic story {and now movie} of friendship, romance + difficult life choices.


Book//The Nightingale

Author//Kristin Hannah

Summary//A journey of two sisters growing up in Nazi occupied France on the cusp of WWII. Their fight to survive and maintain identity while living among the enemy is one that will keep you hooked.


Book//The Nest

Author//Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney

Summary//A warm and insightful story of four siblings and a shared inheritance that has ultimately shaped the course of their lives.


Next in the Queue…

Book//The Poison Tree

Author//Erin Kelly

Summary//A psychological suspense thriller about a straight-laced college student and a bohemian orphan who’s lives intertwine at a crumbling old mansion.

Book//The Girls

Author//Emma Cline

Summary//The story of a teenager growing up in California in 1969 who encounters the influence  ofManson-like cult.

Book//Invincible Summer

Author//Alice Adams

Summary//This novel follows four best college friends and the separate courses their lives take as they journey through the millennium.


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