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Happy Monday! What better way to kick-off the week than with a little life update…

I’ve always been one to embrace change + find myself thriving on new experiences. While I love the comfort of a steady job + familar city, they always say your twenties should be a time of taking chances + jumping out of your comfort zone. Recently, I was presented with a great opportunity to head back to school in a destination i’ve had my sights set on for while. With a head full of dreams to chase, experiences to live + people to meet, what better time than now?

Therefore, this fall, i’ll be moving down to Chicago full-time to go back to school, pursuing a program that will further qualify me for future aspirations, while helping me rediscover what I love. I’ll be reconnecting with friends and family in the area + living in a chic condo located in an area chock full of lively gyms, bars and restaurants. To say i’m excited for these opportunities is quite the understatement.

During these next steps, I plan to use this blog to chronicle each small success or setback, new topics of interest or general life happenings in the city. I cordially invite you to stick along for the ride {+ the reads!} on this next chapter of mine. Cheers to new adventures + never settling.

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