european vacay + 6 must-pack items

If you’ve tuned in recently, you’ll know life has thrown me a few exciting new adventures. Why not add Europe to the list?

Today i’m headed across the pond with my family to explore Scotland, England + France. It’s been several years since i’ve been abroad, and thanks to some extra free time during this transitional period, i’m excited to have the opportunity get back and experience all the culture + cuisines these destinations have to offer.

I’ll be the first to admit that preparing for this vacay has fallen completely to the wayside given the million moving pieces i’m currently juggling with my recent life updates. Luckily, i’m able to rely on a few cues i’ve picked-up from past travels for must-brings for a trip of this nature. In an effort to save you from the day-before packing scramble i’m currently dealing with {yikes!} i’m here today to share these.

On a final note, i’m a first-timer to each of these countires, so i’ll take any last minute recommendations you may have! Also, feel free to follow along here during my time abroad to stay updated on all of my experiences.

Bon Voyage!

1. a carry-all tote

2. comfortable “cobblestone approved” shoes

3. a blanket scarf

4. durable water bottle

5. travel hat

6. portable charger


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