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New transitions bring fresh perspective. Thus far, Girl with a Grin has been an informal outlet for me to share my interests, passions or general day-to-day musings. It has been a creative outlet, a little corner of the web where once a week I can share with you a slice of my life. Most importantly, it has been a digital time capsule that has been along with me for many changes of my journey, both personal or professional.

If you’ve been tuning along on the blog or via my social outlets, you may have notice a few changes in my life. New city. New profession. New travels. New inspirations. All exciting, wondering things that I can’t wait to continue to unfold for you, in a shiny new format.

Over the course of these next few weeks, I’m working with a designer to bring new life to the site, a little fresh paint if you will, to keep things both digitally progressive and aesthetically beautiful.  Along with that, I will be working to refocus my content, providing you with relevant, appealing articles that you can relate to + that I love writing about. Just like my life, this blog will be undertaking a new transformation, progressing into the next stage of its journey.

In the meantime, please pardon the dust and continue to follow-up along with my daily adventures here. I appreciate your patience + welcome your feedback. And, most of all, I’m so glad you are here to read along.


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