6 ways to secure a good night’s sleep

Several weeks ago I found myself sitting heavy with jetlag in a London train station. One shoe untied, yoga pants desperately in need of a lint roller and traces of “pillow lines” still etched above my cheekbone, I was exhausted. And I had missed my ride to Paris by a mere few minutes.

With a wait for the next departure, I cracked open a magazine stationed next to my seat. “Why a Sleep Detox Made Me a Happier, Healthier Person,” the title of the article read. It was as if the sleep gods had intervened. Taking this as a sign, I spent the next few minutes reading what turned out to be an inspiring and informative piece.

Like all twenty-somethings, I pack my plate full of activities. From school to work to social events and more, it can be hard to say “no” to invites thrown my way. With only so many hours in a day, my sleep schedule typically takes the brunt of a very full calendar. Sound familiar?

While i’d like to say I embarked on the the same “sleep detox” as the woman in the article, life of course has its demands. However, I can say the article did motivate me to make some minor adjustment to my day that have surprisingly made an impact on my overall energy. Today, i’m here to share.

Set your body clock

To function at our best, studies show we need around 7-9 hours a sleep a night. Sound a bit ambitious? I started by tracking my current snooze via Pillow, an app rich with analytics on my sleep cycle. Based on my findings, I made adjustments and started scheduling in a sleep regiment as I would other activities. An app like To Bed is another great resource that has helped guarantee a full night of (scheduled) Zzzz’s.

Water after lunch

While I love a warm latte any time of day (especially this time of year!) science has shown that caffeine takes about 6 hours to completely eliminate from one’s system. As satisfying as a 3pm PSL run can be, I now stick to the rule of thumb: water only after lunch. If I am absolutely struggling for a jolt of energy (hello late nights out) i’ll opt for a green tea, which contains slightly less caffeination. So far, the effects of a less caffeinated day have been worthwhile.

Buy a better bed

As someone who has moved just about every year, I typical take a cheaper route when it comes to investing in a mattress. However, Hyphen introduced a series of comfortable, affordable and temperature controlled mattresses that show great sleep shouldn’t be a luxury granted to a select few. Recently, I was fortunate enough to give their product a try. With an incredibly cozy exterior, innovative design and compelling price-point, this mattress was definitely designed with me and my active schedule in mind. And, with free delivery direct to my door, a 100 night sleep trial and an extra $75 off a purchase (use code: SAVE75) there really isn’t a reason not to jump (quite literally) on this product.

Build a Sanctuary

The bedroom should be a space reserved for sleep only. As someone who finds herself spending Saturday mornings pajama-clad, binge-watching New Girl in bed, I understand the struggle with sharing the space. After reading the article however, I did my best to transform my room into a relaxing retreat, somewhere dedicated solely to the purpose of rest. Through stocking my bedside table with an oil diffuser, fresh florals, and cozy throws, I ended up reinventing my space to one I look forward to retiring in at the end of the day. As for New Girl? I now leave those marathons to the couch.

Power Off

I’m first to admit that i’m a digitally dependent individual. Before bed, I can typically be found scrolling through Instagram, only to wake-up and check emails as soon as my alarm sounds the next morning. However, since studies have shown these devices interfere with our body’s natural circadian rhythms, I now make an effort to leave anything with an outlet at the door. Rather than reach for a laptop or iPad, I keep books stocked by my bed, and since my phone is my alarm, I consciously tuck it underneath my bedside table to avoid the temptation to check any late-night alerts. Both of these small adjustments have thus far made the switch to sleep a little more effortless.

Free Your Mind

Am I the only who seems to have the most productive thoughts of the day right as my head is about to hit the pillow? Between the demands of school, work and friends, my mind is constantly in momentum. Meditation is a route I have recently taken to in an effort to soothe some of these late-night bursts of thought. With the help of Omvana and its time controlled guided meditations, I find myself sliding off into a snooze before I can even take out my headphones.

Post sponsored by Hypen.

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