life lately in photos

Life has been nothing short of eventful lately, so why not catch-up a bit! With a few weeks of school and work now under my belt, I finally feel like my life is beginning to have a little more structure + balance again. My morning typically kicks-off with a yoga sculpt class {i’m obsessed} followed by a day full of work, homework, night classes or an event. Being back in the city certainly has it’s advantages- there is SO much to do. The opportunities to network, meet others and just fuel that creative spark are endless. I’m constantly being inspired by the brilliant brains that surround me.

I’m eager to soak in more of this new life + share my findings along the way. But for now, here are some snippets of what i’ve been up to lately…

{Breakfast bubbly at a favorite stop in Napa}

{New goal: work remote 1x/week from a cool new cafe}

{Donut display at the Ferry Building in SF}

{A morning @ Low Res Studio collaborating w/ Hyphen}

{Settling the nerves before our haunted boat tour}

{Cute signage at a favorite Minneapolis creamery}

{A night of food and spirits w/ + MashBashChi}

{Pretty views before CreativeMorningsChi}

{Chic sweets celebrating the launch of Love Emme}

{Feeling fortunate to live in this beautiful city.}

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