12 Target Items to Ready your Home for the Holidays


Cue the red cups, snap-worthy sweaters and Mariah Carey melodies. With twinkling lights lining Michigan Ave, big red packages filling window-displays and mail boxes delivering the ‘latest-and-greatest’ gift guides, the holiday season has officially made it’s mark on the Windy City. Coming from someone with a “live in the moment” mentality {I like to take it one holiday at a time}, I’m even eager to start making my contributions of holiday cheer, and what better place to get started than my favorite retailer.

Over the last few months Target has elevated their home decor section, and this season is no exception to that. With festive fabrics, embellished pillows and rusic accents, the opportunities to create an elegant seasonal set-up in your own home are endless. While I could walk away with one of everything {the selection is seriously so cute} here are just a few of my favorite picks to ready your home for the holidays.

1. Moose Throw Pillow


Its novel moose-head, fleece fabric and thick red stitching make this pillow the perfect holiday accent for your couch.

2. Faux Fur Throw Blanket 


Cuddle up to this cozy throw for cider-sipping, present opening & all the celebrations in-between.

3. Bar Cart


A portable and chic way to serve your guests their favorite Christmas cocktail, wherever the occasion takes you.

4. Berry Birch Pot


Compliment your mantelpiece or coffee-table tray with outdoor elements of the season, no watering needed.

5. Beverage Dispenser 


The ultimate co-host to your larger gatherings, this dispenser will keep your guests in good spirits for hours.

6. Plaid Throw


Wrap yourself in this classic flannel for all the holiday feels. Better yet, throw it over a chair for a festive accent to a room.

7. Decorative Gift Box


The ultimate pretty packaging to house the perfect gift, or add it to a display for instant Christmas character.

8. Gold Base Candle


This opulent candle will illuminate the night from the first course through the late-night champagne toast.

9. Plaid Placemat


Set the scene for your next dinner party with hues of the holiday entwined in a festive plaid placemat.

10. Square Tray


The ideal delivery tool for signature drinks or bite-sized hors d’oeuvres at your next party.

11. Copper Cup Set


Get the festivities going with a chilled moscow mules accented by these chic copper mugs.

12. Monogrammed Stocking


A personalized take on a holiday staple that is just as practical as it is charming.



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