6 to-die-for hot chocolate recipes for cold days

maxresdefaultIf you’re reading anywhere in the Midwest, my condolences to you on this frigid cold front. Not sure if my transition from the San Francisco sun these past few days is making this chill all the more intense, but either way, i’m taking several measures to adapt; I’ve currently got a couple candles lit and space heaters purring in the background as I work away this morning. The other day I was joking with my boyfriend about purchasing this cozy piece, and today the idea doesn’t seem half-bad…

Last night, I utilized my chilly night-in to tackle some holiday wrapping complete with holiday PJs and Elf playing in the background {the best way to do it.} The only thing that would’ve enhanced the scenario a bit was a warm mug of hot cocoa, complete with a few creamy, melted mallows. But of course, my cupboard contained zero ingredients to make this, so instead of toughing it out and trekking to the store, I spent my time googling drool-worthy recipes to stock-up on during my next grocery trip. Although I would’ve settled for a basic Swiss Miss, after stumbling across these decadent drinks, I think i’d be up for tackling a few more cold-days…

1. Nutella Hot Chocolate


I can’t think of one occasion where nutella wouldn’t be a welcome ingredient, and this case is no exception to that. The best part? It only requires TWO ingredients, so you’ll be on your way to a warm indulgence in no time.

2. Cookies and Cream Hot Chocolate


Cookies, cream + cocoa. Just call it a trifecta of sorts packaged together in a cute kitchen mug. Note: The more toppings here the better!

3. Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate


A much tastier use for on a slow-cooker, this recipe claims to taste like “pure melted chocolate.” I’m definitely willing to put that claim to the test.

4. S’mores Hot Chocolate


An enhanced version of my favorite campfire treat, no fire-starter or wood required. With a graham cracker-dipped rim + toasted mallows on top, there’s really no way to “overdo” this recipe.

5. Homemade White Hot Chocolate


I went through a Starbucks white chocolate mocha phase in middle-school, and this recipe instantly made me nostalgic for that chocolate-y richness I adored so much. Even better, this recipe claims to be decadent enough to be served as dessert {i’ll take seconds, please!}

6. Coconut Milk Hot Chocolate


Not just for cooking anymore, coconut milk keeps this recipes thick and creamy {just how hot cocoa should be!}


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