christmas in colorado

img_0068Christmas spent in Colorado is a tradition that extends as far back as I can remember. Each year, I look forward to a few days spent away from the hustle and bustle of home, where ski, snow + s’mores happy hour {yes, it’s a thing!} become my new norm. After hours spent carving down powdered-covered slopes, a warm chocolate-chip cookie baked by the village chefs greeting me at the bottom of the hill, or a soothing outdoor hot tub soak complete with a holiday beverage are the ultimate rewards. How can one not enjoy the time away with such comforts included in the day-to-day 🙂

Beyond these little luxuries, I’m looking forward to spending with family and friends relaxing in cozy lodge lobbies, strolling through tree-clad towns and indulging in local cuisine at restaurants complete with mountain-top views. Wherever your own plans take you, I hope they are as magical as the spirit of the holiday and bring you the sense of love and togetherness this season so wonderfully celebrates. I’ll be back next week to recap a few favorites of 2016, but until then, I wanted to wish you a very happy holidays!

P.S. For those traveling over the week, this top-rated fiction thriller made my flight pass in no time, or, for those of you driving, this crime-series podcast is equally as addicting. During my time in Colorado, I’m also looking forward to delving into this recommended feel-good read. Safe travels!

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    Hey I’m from Colorado and I agree, an absolutely beautiful state in the winter time. I have one outlooking a denver cityscape on my website. I’ll definitely have to check out the podcast!

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