5 effective ways to kick-start the new year

coffee-flowers-notebook-work-desk-163123The week after New Year’s is a tough one {am I the only one doubling my daily coffee intake this week?} With the merry days of holiday parties and festivities in the past, it’s easy to slip into a bit of a post-Christmas coma. However, there’s really no better time than now to set the stage for a successful 2017. Therefore, as I work through a few resolutions of my own, I’ve compiled a few things you can do this week to make this year your best one yet. Even better, most of these items can be kick-started from the comfort of your couch {i’m all for it!}

On another note, this year is going to be a really big one for me, and lately I’ve been busier than ever because of it. I can’t wait to reveal why, so stay tuned! 🙂

Invest in a Passion Planner

A friend recently made me aware of this planner, which essentially is an enhanced version of my Kate Spade agenda. This handy little organizer makes it easy to see beyond weekly commitments with it’s “big picture” approach {think passion roadmaps and monthly reflections.} Talk about a structured way to check off some of those resolutions. I can’t wait to get my hands on my own copy!

Schedule Your Fitness Goals

After days of over-indulging in one-too-many holiday cookies, it’s time to get back to the workout grind. And there’s no better way to stay motivated than by committing to the act itself. In my case, this includes scheduling my next full or half marathon {this article provides race favorites.} Or, if running isn’t your jam, most local gyms and studios run boot camps or other class series {I’m looking forward to this one} to motivate workouts starting in the month of January.

Do a Detox

Easier said than done, but a day of mindful eating makes it easier to return to “normal” consumption habits coming off of the holidays. Typically, I’ll turn to this BluePrint cleanse {i’ll do one day instead of three}, which can be easily scooped up from your local Whole Foods. Otherwise, here are a few healthy recipes to consider meal prepping for this week {I’ve tried the first recipe + it’s so good!}

Manage Your Money

Speaking of detoxes, after some heavy holiday spending, I like to take a bit of a breather to reexamine my finances. I’m considering adopting this app, a handy tool my boyfriend uses, to start saving for some of the bigger splurges of the year. This article also provides some helpful tips on how to save $$ every day in the month of January. Now if only I could keep that trend going all year…

Plan for Travel

I love planning things to look forward to and travel is definitely ones of these. In an effort to not let the year get away from me before crossing off destinations on my list, I try to take an organized approach. In my agenda, I’ll pencil in necessary trips {i.e. weddings, graduations, or family commitments} followed by “just-for-fun” visits complete with potential flight prices and people I’ll go with. Not only is this a structured way to squeeze in everything I want to see, but it makes it easier to agree to a weekend in Napa when it’s already on the agenda {talk about something to look forward to!}

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