3 Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas to Power Your Week

If there’s any week that could use a little extra fuel, it would be this one. Between packing, cleaning, meetings and errands, there is so much to get done {and I can’t wait to reveal why!} So what better way to power the week than with a nutrient-packed start to the day.

I’ll be the first one to admit, i’m not a big breakfast person. While some look forward to mornings complete with syrup-soaked carbs or sizzling, savory proteins, i’d much prefer to wait to indulge at the lunch hour. However, after long, full days, i’ve quickly learned that a nutritious breakfast keeps my energy high throughout the day {and keeps that mindless office snacking at bay…} So as I delve into one of my busiest weeks of the year, here are three healthy, quick and easy breakfast ideas that I plan to use in rotation this week.

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ONE//Elevated Oatmeal


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Winter is my favorite time to prep these hearty, iron-dense oats, mainly because it’s easy to experiment with some of my favorite flavorings. Apple-cinnamon, pumpkin or even peanut butter-chocolate oatmeal are some of my go-to’s. Just add a sliced banana, chia seeds or dried fruit for a breakfast that keeps me full for hours.

TWO//Fruity Yogurt Bowl

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Greek yogurt + honey is a quick and easy way to energize my morning routine. Recently, i’ve replaced my honey fix with this healthy and more delectable alternative. I’ve also started buying frozen berries in bulk as a cheap and delicious way to add sweetness and antioxidants to the bowl. Beyond these, are plenty of options to add a little more fiber or crunch to the concoction, which makes this treat an overall favorite for me.

THREE//Protein-Packed Avocado Toast

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When a savory breakfast is in order, avocado toast is my quickest solution. Avocados are one of my favorite foods to nosh on during marathon training {they’re packed with healthy fats and essential nutrients} so I try to incorporate them into my diet wherever I can. While I enjoy the occasional basic avocado toast with a dash of salt, pepper or paprika on top, sometimes i’ll sneak in extra protein with an over-easy egg or a slather of red-pepper hummus beneath. Either way, it’s fun to experiment with new renditions of this in my own kitchen.

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