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After hinting around about some changes in the works these past few weeks, I’m finally ready to reveal the big news: I’ve moved to San Francisco!

It still feels surreal re-reading that last sentence. And there are many bittersweet feelings accompanying it. I’ve spent my entire life in the Midwest, so the people, places and experiences i’ve left behind will be so dearly missed.

But there is also so much excitement with this decision, too. I have an incredible new place that I cannot wait to get settled into. I have weekend trips planned for bucket list places in the area. And I’ve been reunited with some very significant people in my life. All good things. I cannot wait to use this platform to share these next few steps in my life.

With big change, comes great perspective and I can’t help but feel that life gives us small windows of opportunity to take a leap of faith on dreams, with no strings attached. I feel fortunate enough to have stumbled into my own window, and most importantly, and had the courage to take a step outside and just go for it.

On this {sentimental} note, I came across this quote from a favorite site the other day and couldn’t help but feel its relevance to my current situation. For anyone looking to make their own changes in the new year, I hope these words strike a chord with you as well:

“Try to approach the new year with an open heart, excited to learn what it has to show you, excited to take on the new challenges and opportunities and adventures it will inevitably bring. Plans are great to start with, but make your plans with the knowledge that everything may change in a moment. If your life tends to lean towards the routine, it might be a good idea to purposefully leave the door open for adventure a little wider. Live expecting adventure and it will find you. Live with an appreciation of the beautiful and more beauty will appear.”

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