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january-5191Yesterday, I returned from a quick weekend away in Seattle. The city was so impressive that I plan to do a full recap post soon. But before delving into my #westcoasttour, I thought i’d keep you up to speed on a few things i’ve been doing lately.

I’m still waiting to move into my new apartment {which i’m very excited about!} so for now I’ve been staying busy familiarizing myself with the city. While I can say i’m still adjusting to navigating around {i’ve gotten lost more times than i’d like to admit!} one thing I can confirm is that life is certainly easier to navigate without snow.

While I’m antsy to get settled in my new home, i’m doing my best to stay patient with the quirks or qualms i’ve encountered with this cross-country transition. I’m quickly learning the value of accepting help or direction as I get established, and as much as I like to claim myself an i-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-t woman, i’ve been especially grateful for acquaintances or mutual friends reaching out or lending a hand.

My life may be in transition, but this hasn’t stopped me from coming across some fun, fashionable or downright delicious new discoveries. I’ll leave you today with a few of these:

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