a weekend in Seattle

I’d been meaning to get this Seattle post out a bit sooner but this cold has really taken me through the wringer. {A quick update for those who haven’t been checking in: I’ve been battling a tough cough + cold combo that’s kept me confined to my room for the past few days.} However, today I’ve finally regained some energy and am ready to spill on my most recent west coast adventure.

To say Seattle was amazing would be an understatement. It had definitely been a place on my radar for some time, but lack of acquaintances and a {previously} long flight kept me from visiting. To sum it up, this destination could easily be described as a foodie city with tons of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. My visit was an extension of my boyfriend’s work trip, so we chose to focus our short-lived stay more on the foodie aspect, but we certainly enjoyed majestic views and fresh outdoor air all throughout our getaway.

I loved just about everything we did, but highlights included a chef led food tour of the Pikes Place Market {with so many samples}, an afternoon with friends in Queen Anne and stellar views atop the Space Needle. I can easily see why so many people make moves out here as there’s a little something to offer for everyone. We just skimmed the surface in terms of Seattle offerings, but i’m here to share what we did do during our short stay in this majestic city. Quick tip: Come armed with an umbrella + rain boots if you’re planning to tackle any of these.


IMG_0393 IMG_0395 IMG_0396




I would definitely recommend staying in an Airbnb, as Seattle boasts a variety of options in great locations at affordable price-points. We stayed in an upscale condo in the downtown area that made it easy to walk just about anywhere. The amenities were fabulous, too, with an onsite gym, pool, sauna and rooftop terrace to make our stay even more welcome.


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