12 easy ways to share the love

Happy Monday! This past weekend, I was off cruising the Pacific Coast Highway to Big Sur. It was quite honestly a surreal, bucket-list experience. Between the cascading waves slamming into the shores along highway 1, to multi-colored sunset views from dinner, I had several I-can’t-believe-I’m-here moments. I feel pretty fortunate that spots like these are a quick drive away out here, and I plan to do a full recap post of the weekend soon, but today I wanted to focus on the upcoming holiday.

Regardless of relationship status, Valentine’s Day has always been an occasion I’m fond of. From decorating red-and-pink shoeboxes in elementary school, to celebrating over wine with galantine’s in college, to going to a dressed-up dinner with my S.O., a day dedicated to #spreadingthelove is one I can fully get behind. Especially lately, where I’ve been feeling the weight of a cross-country move, taking the time to show appreciation for friends + family back home is more top of mind than ever. On a recent day of harvesting some homesickness, I came up with a few ideas on how I can share the love come Feb 14th:

  1. Curate + share a love-filled Spotify playlist
  2. Mail – or send digital snaps– of these quirky, creative DIY cards
  3. Gift a pal their favorite Starbucks drink
  4. Watch one of these top romantic comedies on Netflix
  5. Drop off a handmade mini bouquet on a special someone’s doorstep
  6. Go out for lunchtime mani’s {I’m currently loving this inspo…}
  7. Deliver these easy, “homemade” Valentine’s donuts to coworkers
  8. Donate to a charity on behalf of a loved one
  9. Refresh a friend’s home with these gorgeous forever-lasting florals
  10. Surprise those at local shelter or nursing home with a homemade sweet treat
  11. Sip on any of these festive cocktails with friends
  12. Send snail-mail on pretty stationary

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