3 Easy Ways to Make Your Bedroom Feel More Luxe

When I moved across the country to San Francisco, I came with three suitcases. And you better believe clothes, shoes, and other accessories filled up the majority of these. So when it came time to decorate my new place, I started with a clean slate. In doing so, I adopted a few tricks to maintain my style, without requiring *all* the things to make that happen. And today i’m here to share. Whether you’re making a move of your own, or just looking to spruce things up, below are some quick and easy ways to make your room feel more luxe, without a lot invested.

ONE// Personalized Your Walls. Since my bedroom had an all-white scheme, giving the walls some flair was a must. After shopping the selection at major retailers and being disappointed, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I headed over to Etsy to have these handmade graphics done, selecting fonts and imagery that stayed in sync with my aesthetic. Another idea was doing a gallery wall with this online shop, to showcase all cities the cities i’ve traveled to. Either way, i’m left with a room that’s completely tailored to the things that make me happy.

TWO// Create a Signature Scent. After realizing a good scent can make a space feel good {even if it doesn’t actually look good}, I always keep a few favorite candles handy. My go-to is this Anthropologie candle, but these affordable soy-scented options work well, too. Whether lining them along shelving, or resting one solo by the bedside, they create a soothing ambiance I actually look forward to retreating to at the end of a long day.

THREE// Invest In Your Sheets. I recently upgraded my regular old “value” sheets to ones with more deluxe attributes. My new set now has temperature-controlled fabric and a silky smooth texture, which i’m convinced is improved my sleeping habits {or at least making my mornings better!} And while i’m perfectly happy with my latest purchase, i’ve got my eyes on this super-luxe option, for whenever they need to be replaced!


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    Michelle Henry

    What a pretty room! Making your bedroom a priority is the first step in getting better sleep and experiencing all around better wellness. Thanks for sharing!