12 Healthy Fall Snacks To Try

I’m a sucker for fall. While it’s easy to highlight my love for cozy sweaters and scented candles, the variety of pumpkin and apple themed foods offered this time of year are just as appreciated. And i’m not only talking PSL’s here.

Before diving into traditional favorites like whipped cream covered pecan pie or pumpkin shaped candies, consider trying some of these healthy options. From the gal who has sampled them all, I promise, they taste just as good as their guiltier counterparts.

Keep scrolling to preview all 12 of these heart-healthy autumn goodies below:

1. RX Bar in Pumpkin Spice – Packed full of protein and complete in a festive flavor, these bars make any in-between meal so much better.

2.Bare Snacks Cinnamon Apple Chips – All of the seasonal tastes you love, in one dehydrated pack. Bonus: They travel well, too!

3.Archer Farms Cashew Cranberry & Almond Trail Mix – Try a trail mix that’s an autumn upgrade on your traditional handful.

4.Bark Thins Snacking Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Seeds – When the cravings really kick in, be sure to have these healthy chocolates handy.

5.Seasonal Teas– No need to switch out your teas. This subscription company hand-picks their varieties based on the time of month, delivering them straight to your door and right on schedule.

6.LÄRABAR in Pecan Pie– Another staple in the health bar category that has a taste so good, you’ll think you’re biting into the real thing.

7.Three Bears Apple Spice Oatmeal Cup– An on-the-go breakfast with a little sugar and {apple} spice to make it extra nice.

8.Justin’s Maple Almond Butter– The nut butter brand you love — with a hint of maple — all in portable packs.

9.GoGo Squeeze Organic Apple Cinnamon Applesauce Squeezes– Sneak in your fruits for the day without having to cut or peel a single piece of produce.

10.Blue Diamond Pumpkin Spice Almonds– Extra protein with extra flavor. Put these in a snack mix for one delicious combination.

11.Pumpkin Spice Seasonal Coconut Milk– It may not be a snack itself, but swapping this healthier creamer will make any indulgence a treat — without any eater’s remorse involved.

12.Pumpkin Spice Yogurt Pretzels– These are so addicting, I’d suggest buying one bag at a time.


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