My Visit to The Museum of Ice Cream

Several days ago, I had the privilege of attending one of the sweetest spots in the city — The Museum of Ice Cream. If you’ve been following along with the latest Instagrammable trend, you’ll know that SF recently opened another experience-based museum, The Color Factory. I can easily say both visits were fun upgrades on my traditional museum trip, but i’m here to dish specifically on my ice cream-themed affair.

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, these “pop-up” museums are essentially a limited time takeover of an unused spot in the city. From one month to half a year, a building is splashed with paint, sparkles, and anything to catch the eye. Then it’s opened — with a limited amount of tickets — for additional hype among eager visitors.

I was lucky enough to secure a hard-to-score ticket from a friend who had pre-sell access. So, on a rainy Saturday night, a group of us made the trek to the Financial District to get a taste of what everyone was talking about. The feature was stationed in a old, uninhabited bank in a central part of the city. While I had passed it several times in the previous weeks, I only noticed the hot pink lacquer splayed across the outside on the night we arrived. After waiting in a velvet-roped line {for dramatic effect, obviously} we were corralled inside to what can only be described as something out of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Think hot pink walls covered in magnetic alphabet letters, clouds comprised of “cotton candy”, a life-sized gummy bear forest, a moody rock-candy cave, and — the much awaited — swimming pool filled with {plastic, inedible} sprinkles. My favorite.

For about 45 mins, my crew wandered around, sampled sweets {ice cream, cotton candy, mochi, and pop rocks to be exact} while we snapped photos, made videos, and dove into a sea of multi-colored sugar pieces. Consider it a childhood dream come to life, all for the one-time fee of $40.

I’ve captured a bit of the experience below, but if you’re interested in making your own #icecreamdreams come true, sign up for their newsletter to be the first to hear if more tickets will be released. Or follow along on their Instagram account for additional pics of people partaking in all the delicious fun. Enjoy!


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