8 Packing Hacks That Make Traveling Easier

It’s no secret that I’ve been doing a lot of traveling around here. Between recent trips to Minneapolis and Chicago, and upcoming ones to The Hamptons and Monterey, it’d be fair to say I’ve got a firm grasp on packing hacks. Some of these are more well-known (re: brings snacks!) while others I’ve come to on my own (tea packets, anyone?) Today i’m rounding up all of these tips to help you on your own upcoming vacays.

On a non-travel related note, i’ve been on quite the cooking kick lately. This pumpkin chili has been a hit with my boyfriend, while the curried chic pea salad has been so good for healthy lunches! I’m not one to stick in the kitchen for long, so I felt like it was worth sharing these recipes that have kept my cooking game on pointe. 😉

Now, back to those packing tips…

  1. Travel with an empty water-bottle. Hydration is everything, especially when on a plane. But instead of buying the $5 water bottles at the airport stores, I tote my CamelBak through security and fill it with water before I hit my gate.
  2. Bring tea packets for the plane. Once i’m on the plane, I love indulging in a favorite tea from home, so i’m sure to  pack a few packets before I go. To enjoy, I order hot water once the stewardess comes around, and it always feels like a soothing luxury mid-flight!
  3. Wear a blanket scarf. I tend to run cold when I fly — no matter what time of year. I’ve quickly learned to counteract this by bringing a thick blanket scarf which works wonders as a warm accessory, pillow, and {of course} a blanket!
  4. Download tech ahead of time. I swear i’m plagued with the worst luck when it comes to electronics on flights! Somehow, my movies, music or pods never seem to work after takeoff. To overcome this, I now download everything ahead of time to guarantee a great entertainment experience. {Just don’t forget to charge everything ahead of time, too!}
  5. Install the airline’s app. This is a trick I learned after dealing with too many delayed and changed flights. Having the airline’s app handy, rather than just using my boarding pass, allows me to get get push notifications with any changes that happen along the way.
  6. Pack snacks. Okay, maybe this is an obvious one, but snacks on the plane are everything! There’s nothing worse than being hangry in the air, especially when your trek is 4+ hours {like most of mine have been recently!} Rxbars are my go-to to staying full for awhile. And, they taste great, too!
  7. Carry a tote bag. For my “personal item” I pack a tote bag instead of a purse. That way, I can stock it with food, drinks, electronics, chargers or any overflow items from my checked bag. Consider it free extra packing space.
  8. Share flight info. While i’m usually very good at letting others know my ETA before I depart, sometimes unexpected travel issues come up. Therefore, I let a friend or family member know my airline + flight number ahead of time so they can monitor my progress while i’m out of touch.

I’m always looking for more travel ideas, so fill me in our some of your faves below!

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