The New Target Collection I Can’t Get Enough Of

I’m a Target-lover through and through. And their latest collab with A New Day has taken my obsession to a whole new level. All of the items featured are trendy, yet practical. And unlike some of their famous designer partnerships of the past (think: Lizzy Pulitzer + Missoni) there are plenty of styles and sizes left to choose from. Thank goodness for that!

I’m in packing mode for my trip to the Hamptons later this week, and you better believe a few of these items made it into my suitcase. My favorites? The sporty sneaks that pair with everything, and the plaid scarf that will be the perfect companion for a trek across the US.

Which items are you loving? Lmk below! ๐Ÿ™‚

Ritzy Sneakers ($28)// Over the Knee Boot ($40)// Ruffle Sleeve Blouse ($25)//ย Wool Overcoat ($60)//ย Gold Bar Earrings ($8)//ย Crepe Jogger Pant ($28)//ย Velvet Pouch ($20)//ย Plaid Scarf ($17)//ย Ruffle Sleeve Dress ($28)

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