My Sephora Holiday Haul — And What I’m Loving!

Sephora is wrapping up one of their biggest sales of the year. Which I took as my cue to stock up on more products. I don’t consider myself a beauty maven — I have my faves and I stick to ’em — but lately, I felt like my stash was feeling a bit dull. With a few holiday events coming up, I decided to schedule a makeover with the goal of trying some new items and refreshing my current selection. The good news is I got a lot of great inspo (and was all ready for my evening out), buttt I did spend quite a bit more than intended. A little splurging once in awhile never hurts, right? 🙂

So here’s what I did end up going home with. Be sure to lmk if you have any questions {or other recommendations} below!

DIOR Hydra Life Micellar Water No Rinse Cleanser ($42) I recently hopped on the Micellar water trend to remove my daily make-up. And I loved how clean this product made my face feel — although the price-point was a bit steep compared to my usual drugstore buy.

GLAMGLOW GLOWSTARTER™ Mega Illuminating Moisturizer ($49) I’d been seeing these illuminating moisturizers everywhere, and this one in particular was always top of the lists. It does have a fragrant smell, which I didn’t mind, but the glow and hydration it provided was enough to make me commit to it on the spot.

TATA HARPER Illuminating Moisturizer ($85) This was actually a second runner-up to the above product. Also known for it’s illuminating qualities, it left me with a natural-looking glow. The consistency is lighter than GlamGlow’s and it felt great on my skin. If I didn’t already come in the door with my sights set on GlamGlow, I would’ve gone with this one.

GIORGIO ARMANI BEAUTY Maestro Fusion Makeup ($64) This was my favorite product of the day! I’m not usually a foundation wearer, but this one gave my skin an “air brushed look.” The best part? It didn’t feel like I was wearing any product at all! So obvi I had to get it.

LAURA MERCIER Second Skin Cheek Colour ($26) I’m loyal to NARS for my blush, but i’ll admit this Laura Mercier contender made me second guess that relationship. This product gave off the perfect rosy glow, without any shine to accompany it. Layered over the Armani foundation and it made my cheekbones “pop” with one quick application.

GIORGIO ARMANI BEAUTY Eyes To Kill Mascara ($32) Here’s another item I was surprised by! Mascara is one category i’ve really played around with, and just when I thought I had sampled everything, this came along. It made my lashes look so long, and didn’t clump at all. I — quite literally — couldn’t believe my eyes.

BOBBI BROWN Lipstick in Blondie Pink ($29) Lipstick was top of my list going into the trip, and I was primarily focused on something I could wear on the day-to-day. This option went on smooth, and provided just a touch of color that was dark enough to complement the season. I’d feel comfortable wearing it for coffee dates or work outings alike — so it made the shopping cart!

ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Brow Wiz ($21) Full disclosure: I never use brow makeup. Since mine are light in nature, I shy away from touching them out of fear of looking “too overdone.” This product broke those boundaries by giving my brows more control and definition in a no makeup-y type way.


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    Mark Koller

    Ok , I’m a guy. All I have to do is shave. And I see that as a supreme hassle every day.

    Now that I see what you ladies have to go through (in products) to achieve such an amazing result… I’ll never complain again.—