The Best Podcasts To Listen To In 2018

My daily commute has changed quite a bit since moving to San Francisco. Rather than spending time in a car or on the train, I find myself walking almost everywhere. After wearing out a few of my favorite Spotify playlists, I started turning to podcasts to keep me occupied during these treks. The funny thing about podcasts is that if i’m into a series, i’m v. invested in it. However, if i’m not, I almost instantly tune it out. Consider me a picky listener.

Luckily, this has helped me filter out the good and bad ones as far as recommendations are concerned. So i’m here today to share these. Below, you’ll find a few series i’m loving across a variety of categories. Whether you’re strolling over SF-style hills, hitting the grocery store, or just need some entertainment to background your work week, I hope you give ’em a shot.

1.Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso

I listened to the very first few episodes of this back in my Milwaukee days. Since i’m a big fan of hearing how other ladies “made it” in their careers, I was instantly hooked. Since then, there have been many changes to the Girlboss empire, but one thing has always remained the same: The inspo that stems from hearing the success stories of the biggest names in their industries is still there.

2.The Rewatchables

My boyfriend is a big Bill Simmons fan, so this was initially his recommendation. While I didn’t think i’d be into this series since it falls under a sports-geared company, I couldn’t have been more wrong. This show highlights different “hall of fame” movies and breaks them down into some interesting discussions. In fact, we’ve made a new hobby out of watching the films together, then listening to the shows. For anyone with a thing for Jake Gyllenhaal or Leonardo Dicaprio flicks, this will be right up your alley.

3.The Goal Digger Podcast

Here’s a pod that was recommended by a fellow blogger. After a few minutes in, I was instantly drawn to the sweet Midwest vibe I got from the host, Jenna Kutcher. Her story alone is enough to leave you inspired, but that’s not the main focus of this show. Instead, Jenna puts on this workshop-style series to encourage other ladies to pursue their side-hustles and passion projects like she did. The show is so motivating, I can’t go a week without tuning in.

4.Atlanta Monster

Okay, so I haven’t tuned into this one just yet (it debuts on January 5th) but I am a big fan of the producers of it who created another one of my favorite shows, Up and Vanished. Like this one, Atlanta Monster promises a similar crime-style story about the untold tale of one of Atlanta’s most notorious cases. If it’s anything like the thrilling and addicting OG that became a cult favorite, I have a feeling i’ll be just as into it.

5.Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

For any Bachelor/ette fans out there, this one’s for you. I enjoyed Kaitlyn’s witty and sarcastic personality on the show, but I feel like I have a whole new appreciation for her after listening to this series. From interviewing some of the most famous reality tv contestants, to her very own fiancé, Shawn Booth, this listen is always entertaining to say the least. Plus, it certainly makes it better that all of her episodes are done with a glass of wine in hand — regardless of the time of day.

6.My Favorite Murder

Here’s one more I can’t claim full credit for. My sister, who has an affinity for all crime-related things, suggested this one and I haven’t turned back since. While i’m weary of shows about murders (some are simply too grotesque) I have to admit I ended up liking this one primarily because of the goodnatured hosts and compelling stories. Note: Crude plotlines are involved, but these stand-up comedians/writers/tv stars somehow find a way to make the gory details much more manageable.

Happy listening!


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