My Favorite Part of 2017

{Cheesy post alert} My favorite part of the year? Finally deciding to pursue what I love. Having the courage to commit to my side hustle in lieu of my day job was scary, but rewarding {who knew one could actually enjoy a 9 to 5 so much?} While the process of going after this dream of mine has shaped and transformed along the way, I’m so proud to have a portfolio of projects to show for it, and people who have supported me along the way.

To highlight this, I finished out the year with a site redesign to showcase some of my pieces. Over the past few weeks, I partnered with the very talented Lindsay Humes and Julia Test to bring my little corner of the web to life. A small part of me hopes that this pursuit can serve as inspiration for others to get out there and do what they’re most passionate about. Whatever that may be. Here’s to a 2018 filled with chasing dreams. Happy {almost} 2018!

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similar dress//boots//similar earrings//lipstick

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